Devotional Art ~ You Know Me

May 10, 2012

“You make known to me the path of life...” ~ Psalm 16:11
You Know Me

You are so wonderful. You move me... and I must respond. Your Spirit flows and forms these beautiful lines. I partner with you... my unique design coming through these fingertips you made. You draw life out of mere clay... my jar is full of your wonder. I lift my eyes up to the hills... where does my help come from? It’s YOU. You give me wisdom as the line and color form. You are so Beautiful.
Doodling is such a simple thing, yet so profound. I’ve always had the same formations in my doodles - from the time I was a child until now... still the same loops and jags and circles and spheres. It’s amazing to me how my doodling is as much “me” as my eye color or the sound of my voice. 
When I was in 7th grade, I remember how I used my doodling to make a design of my name... writing it and doodling all around it - causing the lines of my signature to be drawn out into a beautiful design with color and swirls and flow. How prophetic that was. As I, at that tender age of twelve, was growing into more of “me,” you were giving me a picture - a prophecy - of who I would become - one who loves your raw design, color and flow. Wow... this just being revealed to me as I write. You are such a good Papa! 
So I remember those signature designs.... “Pattie” made into a piece of art. :) How sweet you are God that you care that much for me. Makes me want to be beautiful for you.... like a little girl in her very best dress-up costume... tiara and all. :)
I also remember that I made those doodle name designs for all the others in my class - just thirteen of us who had been with one another since Kindergarten in our little tiny school. We really were family. :) I made those name designs for everyone... each with the lines and colors of their signature drawn out into a beautiful design that included them and yet was beyond them. That was prophetic too. I wonder what you were saying through my twelve-year old hands? 

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