God Loves Creativity

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, "Sacred Revolution: The Power of God in the Arts."

We all know God loves prayer and fasting, healing, and praise and worship. He loves when we read His Word and when we give offerings. He loves the religious things, right? But do you know that God loves creativity? All our religious workings without the life-breath of creativity infused in them are worth nothing to God. Though the phrase is a bit clich̩, he made us human-beings, not human-doings. He wants us to be Рto be like Him Рcreative.

God loves creative worship. During the time of the Tabernacle of David, there were singers, dancers, songwriters, and musicians all collectively and continually weaving a non-ending beautiful tapestry of praise to the Creator. The rhythms and nuances of Spirit-touched, yet lung-producing sound belted out of the tabernacle in a flowing aroma which shifted atmosphere and went up as a sweet fragrance to the Creator of it all. He ordained this. He found pleasure in it. He loves creative flow. He loves the sweet aroma.
When Miriam danced her triumphant praise to Him, God loved it. It ushered in praise and jubilee for a multitude of people who had just been through a traumatizing trial. They had come out of bondage and into life. Nothing would express their gratitude like song and dance. They could not absolutely know their freedom until it was proclaimed from out of their chests and with the movement of their bodies. He loves the war dance of victory. He ordained it.
Creativity is a hospital and the door is always swinging open and shut, open and shut, as we go in and out accepting what we need from the Physician. When we accept that our lives are in need of something besides the normal sickness we live in day to day, and we step into a place of creativity, whether that is through song, dance, painting, writing, sculpting, cooking, woodworking, flower-arranging, or just playing an imaginary game with our kids – when we step into that place of God-breathed creativity – we are made whole. Wholeness comes when we lean into creativity – for in that leaning we are being embraced by the Creator. The door to the hospital is always open. What side of the door are you on?
Maybe you don’t believe in this power of creativity. Perhaps you are one that says, “I’m just not a creative person.” Those are the saddest words I’ve ever heard. Are you human? Then you are creative – for to be human is to be creative. There are no other ones. Maybe you think I’m a sensationalist dreamer – one of those who think everyone should be painting happy graffiti on the sides of boring buildings and singing in the grocery store. Well, let’s put that aside… because yes, I have those dreams for us all… BUT, I beg to convince you that creativity is so ingrained in humanity that if we are not moving in it, we are dying. If we are not embracing its beauty, we are forfeiting our reason to exist. Maybe you don’t see your own disease. Are you standing there behind the walls you’ve contrived, thinking the hospital door is locked? You need nothing to enter in… just your DNA – just your human form – the one created in His image.
Nothing is hidden from the All-Seeing-One. He knows the creative imaginations that you once had – the way you once played with toy cars in the sand, inventing a whole city so that your story could be played out. He remembers the way you dressed your dolls in strips of cloth, making a wedding dress out of a lacy bonnet. He recalls the way you would sit for hours playing video games, mesmerized by the way the characters moved on the screen. He even understands the rush you get every now and then when a casserole served in your prettiest dish makes you smile or the way the newly painted room soothes your soul. He “gets it” when you get a rush of accomplishment when you mow the yard in those cool strips that make you look like you are just trying to show up your neighbor. He thinks your awesome when you accomplish that weekend building project that you chalk up as “raising the equity in your home.” God loves your creative moments. They are His gifts to you. Your diving into them is His great pleasure.

Isn’t it wonderful that we have such an amazing creative God? Isn’t it beautiful that He has given us the very essence of Himself. He is the one that paints the sky every morning and evening. He is the one who swirls the waters of the rivers in beautiful patterns. He paints the world with color and texture. He sings through the wind in the trees and the song of His Creation. He sculpts with the elements. He dances with the stars in motion. God is an artist. God is a creative and a Creator. We all – all of humanity – are His little creatives. Go and be.
Pray creatively. Sing a new Spirit-song. Dance with Him. Fast in a way that pleases His heart. Open up and be healed while you finger-paint with chocolate pudding. Draw the scriptures. Stamp smiley faces on your money as you give it with a pure heart. Worship Him creatively in Spirit and truth. Invite God to be Himself in you. Be yourself in Him. Ask Him what will please His heart… and be that. Go and journeyartfully.

Times of Responsiveness



Times of responsiveness escape me.

Found in where I am and where I am going.

Making sense of nothing and everything at the same time.



Center here.

The good will overtake me because of the love.

So the days roll on and I roll through –

awaiting the promise of what the pondering has brung.

Awaiting the promise of all the lyrics I’ve sung

in faith and through tears and with loud jubilee

I’ve sung and sighed softly

And now

I want to see…..

To see more clearly

with weights lifted off

no shame

no gain

no false expectation

only hope

and clarity

and sparkling direction



Center here.

Times of responsiveness await me.

It’s near.