Appalachia's Awakening

The art-piece and the poem below are part of a show called Thinking Like a Mountain, which is an exhibit involving several artists, poets, and songwriters and their expressions of living in the Appalachian Mountains. I'm honored and happy to be a part of this exhibit which will be on display at the Ellen Von Dehsen Elmes Gallery at the King Community Center, SWCC in Virginia. The show will be on exhibit from Jan. 13 until Feb. 11, 2011 and will possibly travel to various locations throughout Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina.

This piece is prophetic proclamation of Appalachia's awakening. Within her, a higher calling, a higher place of understanding which effects all elements of life, is arising. There is a lifting. She will no longer be based in a poverty mentality that is tethered to greed-driven industry. She is rising to a new place of revelation - a new place of beauty. Appalachia will awaken, she will rise with wings of intricate beauty and humility. Her time, her season, is here. The paradigm has shifted!

Appalachia's Awakening

Appalachia's Awakening

Mixed Media/Collage - 28" x 48"

Appalachia’s Awakening

We are mountain – living ones.

We are earth –fallen ones.

God's grace covers.

His light brings growth.

His love brings mercy

and wisdom to show

the way to hide –

to go within –

and find the answers

with no pretense.

In the deepest throws of prayer –

in the hiding place –

He'll give us truth –

a voice to tell

the way to come

out of this shell –

out of this hell.

We're coming undone

from this evil within.

This hunger for power –

it's wrong – it's sin

to treat your brother

like overburden –

like sludge and slurry

in the valley below –

covering over all the flow

of the pure,

the right,

the living.

All –

Streams, valleys,

sisters and brothers –

they are the Creator's beauty.

Is there no hope,

no place to go,

besides this sacrifice we've known?

Do you not believe in God –

the One who prods


to believe

in resurrection

in life

in love?

Why will you not embrace

the transformation,

the reconciliation,

the restoration,

Appalachia's Awakening?

Appalachia is awakening.

Like the caterpillar we crawl,

but the butterfly's time is coming.

As we steward

He will rise.

We will rise.

We will fly.

Appalachia flying, rising, soaring

Appalachia without all this whoring

Grace is for it.

Faith proclaims it.

Hope endures the waiting.

We will pass through the cocoon.

Metamorphosis is soon.


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