Art is Language

All true artists want to change the world. Metamorphosis is the very nature of all good art. This quality of positive change has almost disappeared in the art world. There is mostly darkness. However, artists longing to reveal the revelation of the Holy Spirit, the heart of God, and a relevant message of the Gospel of Jesus are awakening to the call to bring a fresh light in the darkness. We will create art that will not only reflect the culture and who we are now, but it will also change that culture and push humanity closer to God.

There is a problem…

How do we get the world, the church, and even our own friends and family to see the light? How do we get them to understand our voice?

Art is language – and art can speak volumes without words – but if we are ever going to inspire people to be enlightened and convince the “naysayers” to say “yes,”  then we must learn to speak their language in order to help them to understand ours. There is a seemingly un-crossable divide between artists and those who do not see themselves as artists. Artists often speak a language many do not understand and therefore people do not want to hear what we have to say. Occasionally we do have those who are seeking to understand – who are being awakened to the artists within themselves, but mostly, people (especially those in the church) pass us by and ignore our expression. Too many want point-blank answers about the arts – so they do not have to go to the deeper places of understanding the artistic language. We, as artists, know the beauty of this language – but they do not.  Do we just leave them there without understanding or do we really mean it when we say we want to change the world? Is expression any good if no one is affected?

For far too long, artists – like the church – have insisted that people come to us and learn our language so that they may understand our “revelation.” Artists especially have created this false sense of superiority and elitism that separate us from a great majority. I say this is rubbish. If we are going to affect culture, our artwork has to meet people where they are. There has to be elements in the art and the language of it that will speak to our audience in common, familiar ways yet also in deeper, profound, unspoken ways. There is no formula to help people understand art. It is different with every artist and every viewer, but I do believe everyone can understand art. Everyone can go to the deep places. As artists, we just have to learn to speak the right language – to connect – to communicate – to love. Fearlessly.