Devotional Art ~ Findings

May 15, 2012

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you. ~ Psalm 9:10


I have not been drawing every morning. For a few days it has gotten away from me and instead of finding my resting place in it, I've dreaded it and said I just didn't have the time. I have felt something stirring inside me though and I knew this morning I could not let another day pass without putting it down in color and line. 

So out of the dryness of the past few days, I picked up the dry pen... no ink... no color - it wouldn't write. So I pushed harder and still no ink.... trying to force the pen to do what it had no ability to do. I found that what it could do was enough.... so I pressed into the paper the flowing lines... the search for harmony.  I could feel the Spirit moving with me though I could barely see the lines. I rubbed my fingertips over the paper and was pleased at how I could feel the movement - the very indentation of the the rhythm. When I applied the blues and purples... the lines came forth visually. 

Isn't that so often the way we walk through our journey - pressing through even when things seem to not be working... trusting in faith the movement of the Spirit with our spirit... feeling the Presence lead us in the direction we need to go even when we can't quite see the whole picture. And then God comes like a flower releasing colorful pollen over our findings and He brings everything to light... everything then forms and the design is revealed. So thankful I picked up the dry pen today and simply drew. He always makes sense of my simple offerings.

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Cynthia said...

Pattie, such a word of encouragement! For me it is in my writing, not my drawing - just press on through. We never know who may be touched or how. And how gracious is God that He touches our lives too and blesses our pressing through.