I read in an antique book from the 30’s: a young man had come to the city from the country and he noticed all the women on the streets dressed in their work attire rushing about very busily and he thought, “if all the mothers are here, then who is making homes?” Though that seems very out-dated, I’d like to bring the question into our present time and think about it in the sense of the spiritual.

As we rush about busily, is anyone making a home for us? Is there anyone to nurture us and build for us a comfortable place to grow? Are we so busy and focused on our agenda that we never cause anyone to feel at home with us? People yearn for home. As adults, we still have this longing – it never goes away. This is why you often hear ninety-year-olds talk reflectively about their mothers as if they can step back into that child-like place of being home in her care. Home is important.

We all have this deep longing for “HOME” that goes beyond even our minds and hearts and pulls at our very soul. We find that place of “HOME” in glimpses. A glimpse may come in a good conversation with a friend who seems to see inside you, a sweet life-giving moment with your children, a timeless moment with your spouse, the euphoria you feel when you drive into a place of beauty, or the sense of wholeness you feel as you worship God. These places of “home” come to us in countless ways and each one is a gift – a gift from God. God is HOME.

In John 14 Jesus said, “in my Father’s house are many mansions.” He said He was going to prepare a place for us. He has prepared that place for us with His death and resurrection.” He prepared a place where we can live in God’s house and where God can live inside us. He made way for us to come to a place of eternal home. As we live our lives, we have glimpses of that home. Those glimpses are beautiful gifts. You know when they happen – they are the beautiful moments in life when the atmosphere is charged with the wondrous wholeness of God.  That is our journey – to continually find our home in Him – in the everyday struggle and joy of life. This isn’t difficult and it isn’t left to chance or fate. God’s doors are always open – He always welcomes us in – we just have to enter. We should never feel homeless when we are HIS.

Being that Jesus prepared this place of  “home” with His death and resurrection and that our very lives are a testimony of His work in us, shouldn’t we be taking the time to help people feel at home? If they experience “home” because we give them a glimpse of our home in God – don’t you think they may want to move into God’s house?

To live artfully is a life journeyed well. This blog reflects my soulful, intellectual, and spiritual quest to find the heart of God in the Arts and to positively communicate and express His heart in simple and extraordinary ways. As I study, ponder and sometimes ramble, I'd like to share it with you. I see it kinda like a good meal and some conversation over coffee and dessert. I'm from the Appalachian Mountains and that's just how we journey! So pull up a chair and "sit a spell." Please feel welcome to comment - I love to hear your thoughts - it makes this journey so much richer. Good conversation is a treasure. Be blessed.