Devotional Art ~ Doorway

Thank you for coming along on my journey of daily prayer ponderings through this series of Devotional Art. In the writing, art, sketches and doodles, I hope that you will be inspired to connect to the heart of God in creative ways. As I share my personal journey, I pray that yours will be inspired and strengthened as well. Blessings - Pattie Ann Hale

God, teach me lessons for living
so I can stay the course.
Give me insight so I can do what you tell me—
my whole life one long, obedient response. ~Psalm 119:33-34

As I sketched this morning, a beautiful thing happened.... one of those little visual messages from my Creator Papa. Searching Him out was in my head and in my tight hands. Pen to paper... drawing lines, bearing down on solid spheres, trying to find expansion in the open circles, flowing into unexplainable morphing shapes... searching... no... HUNTING for the connection to His heart... the refuge place... the answer place. So much going on in my head - pondering, needing direction, listening.

As I moved the paper to get a different direction with the color, suddenly the light coming from the shutters cast a perfect doorway into my journey. The brilliant door was so obvious. “Come up here... I will show you...”

So I shadowed around the door with color, capturing the visual imagery of the spiritual message. He has made every doorway of understanding we have need of. He sets the passages in line for our sailing... we just have to apply ourselves to the searching it out. Like a treasure in a field, I will search for Him.


greta chirco said...

Hi Pattie! I LOVE this idea! I have also been sketching this past week in my devotional times- that place of stillness and quiet where I can be 'me' with my Father. :)

Your doorway almost looks like a kite with it's flowing tails- I can feel the Spirit wind soaring as it takes us higher and like a butterfly breaking free from it's cocoon we become weightless and free!

Thanks for sharing your personal journey!

Gabrielle Dearman said...

beautiful, Pattie! :)

Leslie (Robinson) Moncivais said...

Awesome! I don't do this often, but as soon as I clicked into this site, my body started tingling.... Holy Spirit dwells thick through you and this site! :) Love, love, love!!!

Pattie Ann Hale said...

Thanks for your comments. :)

Greta... I saw the kite too... in the end. Love when God gives me surprises like that.

Gabby - :).

Leslie - so encouraging! Thank you.