Devotional Art - Broken Beauty

April 25, 2012

Broken Beauty
O God our Savior
You care for the land and you water it;
You enrich it abundantly.
The streams of God are filled with water...
~ Psalm 65:9

As I began to sketch blue this morning with that wonderful glass-like pencil... pure pigment of water blue... I pressed too hard and it broke... snap.... “Oh... it broke.” So I took what was left of it, the smaller portion, but the one with the ability to keep drawing, and I drew out the message of Your Heart, oh God, my Savior. You will enrich this land with your water.
How many times, longing for your water to cover this land, these mountains, have I pressed too hard... I so long for your water to fill this land. I’ve felt Your blue green streams. I’ve felt it coursing through my spirit from Your Spirit. I’ve felt your streams of water and I have to ask this morning, “Have I broken something in the very laying down of it - in the expression of it?” And your wind comes again... your sway and swerve of Your Unfailing love pushes through my heart and mind even as I draw the sway lines of Your Spirit. You are teaching me that I can still function... bring Beauty... even with the broken things... even up and out of the broken places. Nothing is wasted with you God. 
You are a cool refreshing drink of water. You bring life to death. You are Sanctuary.

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