Devotional Art ~ Dream Resurrection

Thank you for coming along on my journey of daily prayer ponderings through this series of Devotional Art. In the writing, art, sketches and doodles, I hope that you will be inspired to connect to the heart of God in creative ways. As I share my personal journey, I pray that yours will be inspired and strengthened as well. Blessings - Pattie Ann Hale

When dreams die where are they buried?

When a dream dies where does it go?

Is it in the caverns of our soul -

forever deep

tucked away


Spirit move.

Blow through the dry land and...

cause a sandstorm.

Change the landscape of my heart -

may one dune become flat,

and another mountain rise up.

With Your Breath comes the water

bringing forth life again.

Brittle caverns...

with one Breath of Your Wind

become moist,



I... gasp... at the Beauty of Your Breath...

And now the heat...

The heat of Your Whisper...

burns out

the dead places.

Where is the dream?

The one long-forgotten?

The one I had strongly in my imagination when I was five years old.

Spirit touch.

Remove the veil

and touch.

Remove the dross

and touch.

Remove the rigid place

and touch.

Holy Spirit keep moving through

until You find the tiny stone

that once lived in my imagination as a great big dream.



Hold that dream again.

Rise it up again

into my heart -

my mind -

my spirit.

Breathe Your Life...

in it -

and around it -

and through it.

Set it aflame.

Burn away the outer shell

so that the living thing


the nucleus

may be

spontaneously lit


Your Vision.

Where does a dream go when it dies?

Into a tomb... that resurrection my rise.

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ ~ Jeremiah 33:3

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Cassandra Donnelly said...

Love the poem! This has been on my mind, too.