Surrendering in Times of Loss

A daily treasure... this one inspired a poem. I love how images and fragments of words can speak so clearly to the depths of our souls.

Takes its toll
Like exquisite leaves floating away in dirty water
A waste?

I watch one swirling under
Struggling to float
But losing the battle
... Or is it merely surrendering to the inevitable current of life -
The changing season that won't quit coming on?
Nevertheless, it fades under the water
as if diving into its watery grave in a fitful dance with destiny

A tear falls that I didn't even know was resting there.
It had sat long enough to become warm
comforted my cold face at the descent.
The chill bites at my bare arms
Thought it would be warm today?
Why this chill?
It's too early.

My treasure gift today
Empty cocoon resting inside the fold
A home that served a purpose for a season
And though the space does not hold life anymore
Surely the beautiful remains remain

But for what reason?
To cut my soul with the fragility of it all?
So tender its fibers
So transparent its layers
Its softness beckons to be touched
but the impossibility of the embrace wrecks me

And the river of life must go on sounding and resounding
A determined expression of the flow
The halts
The bright moments
The murky depths
The current that takes us into our tomorrow.
I surrender all.

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Pam said...

Our stream is gushing with fullness from the snow melt.Your poem has inspired me to think upon our season of change as part of the "inevitable flow of life". When I hear and see our stream I will remember to surrender all to God. I will turn my trust to Him.