Birthing New Works - Sailing with His Wind

I began this morning with my walk by the river, watching the trees - no - the leaves sway over the ripples and the going-on currents. It was wonder... and I was sharing it with the Father. How good He is to give us beauty, awe, and wonder. How good He is to blow through this land... the land of my soul. I see and respond with a bowed heart... a quietness that sings loudly as an incense to Him.

A couple days ago, I was captured by an image of sail-ships on a vintage Horizon book. I've been processing the metaphor of sails and ships and wind for the past year. I've not created many things with my hands yet in the theme of sails, but many things I've painted and sculpted in my imagination. I saw a note recently in a friend's bible that said, "Miracles come from the imagination of God." I've pondered this intensely as I hold the imaginations of my heart, waiting for the birthing - the sailing. See, I want the very work of my hands to be miracles released - signs revealed, so there must be this holding of the holy within my God-embraced imagination until the delivery is evident. I've nurtured the development, and I'm feeling the revealing is near. 

I'm sensing to make cocoon-like shapes that appear to be like sails. This is a change for me - to shift to sculptural fiber forms rather than paintings... but I feel God's embrace with it for a season. I'm not sure what it will look like or how exactly it will feel. I've explored it all in minute ways in my paintings - a line here and a form there... but to purposefully process the sailing material in my hands - in the very fibers - is exciting to me. 

I've meandered through many changes over the past few months - being pulled by the updraft of God's will and blown slowly and swiftly with His myriad of breath blown into the the caverns of my being. I've taken in the hundreds of pieces He has given - the images,  the words, the songs, gifts of the minuteness of His creation. I've studied His wind. I've touched the veins of the leaves. I've watched them sail. The effect of the wind upon the waters and the land is ever-mesmerizing. Have you ever noticed how water moves? Have you seen the wind? I've felt the fibers that can hold the wind of the Spirit. I've painted the encapsulated forms of His Presence, I've sailed through the lines of His movement and touched the colors of Heaven. I've found the resting place in His Heart and He has found His resting place in me - in the very process of this creativity He has given. My sails are so full.

In the spirit of knowing that my creativity is never only my own and that God makes us all to breathe together, I keep my awareness turned to others.... turned to awe-inspiring creativity all around me. I've soaked in the rhythmic form of a vase and wondered what that movement felt like as clay under the hands. I have discovered the beauty of the dance of raku colors and the blackness produced by the charring and wondered how that hot process spoke to the potter over the fire. I've seen the delicate natural forms of trees that have taken a hundred years to produce the most intricate patterns that come alive under the lathe of a woodturner. I've watched as my friend weaves new patterns and finds a new basket design almost daily and it is confirmed that God's mercies and goodness are new every morning - and that He weaves His newness into our lives daily. Community and togetherness is so vital to our creative lives.

After the river this morning, I came to the studio and began my morning devotional - my place of connection to God's heart that readies my heart for expression. I read Oswald Chamber's Utmost about steadying my heart and awareness on Jesus - and that when we do that, then, He will be our all in all. I want His all in all of me - His breath in every cavern - every fiber of my sails filled with wonder.

Almost daily, I search for inspiration from another creative: a painter, fiber artist, dancer, writer, musician, dramatist... on and on.  It is in their sharing and my soaking in of their unique creative message that I continually stay fused with creativity that is outside myself.... that is the opposite of self-awareness. The celebration that comes into my heart when I see another artist effectively translating beauty and wonder gives rhythm to my sailing. It helps me to feel part of the fleet.

So this morning, I landed on the TED video by Janet Echelman: Taking Imagination Seriously. (Watch below.) In the video she shares about her process of creating billowing, building-size fiber sculptures that literally transform the atmosphere. I was so in awe as I watched her forms move into the rhythms such as I have painted. She truly had created the ever-transforming visual shapes of the wind. Actually, she had only created a form that could capture it and reflect the wind. Isn't that what we are to do. Capture the movement of God and reflect it? Her sculptures appear to carry the movement of God. They are transforming the stagnant caverns inside people. At the end of her video she shares how the business-like people of a nearby building left their work and laid under her sky-filling billow, watching the effects of the movement change and transform. Surely their spirits shifted with the movement. 

May we be observant. May we have keen eyes to see the wind in the sails. 
May the growing imaginations inside me find their birthing moment. As Jane Echleman says at the end of her video, may we forever be "sharing the rediscovery of wonder."



Tony Mujica said...

Wonderful and amazing, Pattie, GOD has been speaking to me also about cocoons. Amazing how GOD has both of us in similar explorations, Pattie. I wrote a poem about it:


i wait
with wings spread
His wonderful glory light
finishes my metamorphosis
i dry

i waited
in slug form
in my pod
awaiting His touches
and His nod

but even while i
caressed the ground
as creepy crawler,
He saw me in my
ugly beauty

so dark yet lovely

He tells me,
"you will soar the heights
with me
and ride my currents

"I will carry you
over and through
you will trust
the breeze
of my presence,
knowing I am always
underneath you

"as crawler,
you searched
the depths for me
but as soarer
I will part the seas
for you
and lead you into
even deeper deep"

i fluttered my wings

i am dry.

—Tony Mujica © 2012

Did you know that the hardest part of cocoon metamorphosis is when the butterfly is getting through the narrow opening? He/she has to get the large, wet wings through. When the young butterfly gets through, it has to shake out the wings not only to dry them but also to release them. Without the squeeze of the tight pass the butterfly wings will not come to their full size, hence flight will be restricted or impossible.

I have this phrase that I always say, "GRACE LIKE GREASE". It's this kind of grace that gets us through the tight stricture of cocoon structure.

Dara Casey said...

I so enjoyed your blog this morning. I am a cloth artist, in both large banners, worship flags, and launched out into silk flags about 5 years ago. It was a natural progression into painting on silk for me, I am not an expert painter, but I blend colors that is part of the incredible gift God placed in my dna. I am a seer and prophetically use my art form to establish in the natural what is the heart and will of God for that specific audience, I use to think for a specific time. In recent years I have come to realize that the art forms I create with God have a timeless value spiritually, but that the timing is for it to be birthed, rebirthed, revived, re-awakened in those who view it.
For masses of people the large banners and backdrops I do for conferences, change the atmosphere of conference centers, even geograhpic area's. My favorite expression of worship is when I can visually depict the words, the rythm, and the angelic activity with silk flags. I have had hearing impaired people be so moved by "seeing" the music that they are forever touched. I seem to have an innate ability to fly in the spiritual atmosphere with the Holy Spirit and the Holy angelic beings that I sense their movement and capture them by using color and the silk movement to bring that essence into a reality people can experience with me.
I love arts in every form and have always admired and held in high esteem the giftedness that is being expressed in the Body of Christ in this day. There is a multiplication of Glory coming through in this hour that is unprecedented. Years ago I knew that God would use me to retrieve back from the entertainment industry the arts that have been misused for other purposes rather than to worship our Creator. My heart is to encourage all those artists and to also enjoy the beauty of worship through them. Thank you for opening up your heart to share the glory within you to others. May it increase!