Your Unfailing Devotion

You gave me life and showed me your unfailing love. My life was preserved by your care. ~ Job 10:12

Head in hands... bowing low with worries I did
I ranted and raved
and said You were not taking care of me.
I trashed your sufficient grace again... 
acting as though you were not good... 
as though You were oblivious to my heart.

I lost direction. 
Forgive my wrong turn.
I could have been run over by the chaos of my looking away.
I could have been crushed in my turning...
and I felt the ugly fear of it -
the fear and inward cycle-down of refusing to see You.

And then...
in Your unfailing love.
You found me again.
You spoke into my heart - 
into my need - 
into my desperation.
Even when I had stopped my ears
You spoke into... me.
You broke through my stubborn barricade and 
loved me.

Who am I to receive this goodness?
Who am I to have these blessings?
Who am I to know Your love with this intensity?

I am Yours... 
Your Beloved.

Come rest here God
in the sanctuary of me.
Cleanse it out of all fear again
(You've done it before so many times.)

Every thing I feared,
You dissolved 
with timely words.
Covered with 
unexpected prayers.
Filled up with expressions
and closeness
and connection
and vision fulfilling
right in front of my eyes...
and in my heart.

You always run after me...
like a man madly in love running after his lady.
I'm always amazed that I can even capture Your attention...
much less, Your Devotion.

This little drawing and writing of pieces and parts...
my devotion to You...
How small it is compared to Your Unfailing Devotion.

What a God! 
What a Friend!

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